chrissychapel's Journal

Christine Chapel
2 March
Name: Christine Chapel
Age: 26
Race: Human
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Head Nurse on the U.S.S. Enterprise

Christine was born in Louisiana, but her family moved to
New York, NY when she was four. She hada fairly wealthy
upbringing, but didn't care about money.She liked science,
and thus, studied biochemistry, with an emphasis in research,
at New York University. After realizing that lab work wasn't
for her, she enrolled in the nursing medical track in Starfleet.
She enjoys books, music, video games, movies - she'll try
anything once, but is known for her partiality to late 20th/early
21st century pop culture. She's also a complete nerd, but
only few learn that side of her.

Played at to_boldlygo.

Into Darkness canon: Christine is played as either an
AU where she never left the Enterprise, or returned to
be head nurse right before the ship and crew left on
their five year mission.

Mun and muse are over the age of 18.